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Monday, November 7, 2016

One of the Few....

I am always amazed and humbled when people contact me after reading my blog. They like what I write, what I stand for and want to get their idea, product or service into the hands of my faithful readers. Honestly, I've turned down countless of the above opportunities because I didn't feel it meshed well with what I believe. I also need to believe in the product or service whole heartedly if I am to share it with others.

I was approached several months ago by Jason Ladd about reviewing his book. I read a bit about him on his website and knew that his book would definitely be worth the review. I have not been disappointed!

He has an amazing story.....Marine Fighter Pilot, Iraq War Veteran, Author......but my very favorite of his titles is "daddy".   We downloaded his audio book and the kids and I listened to it as we did errands one day. We were captivated! He really goes into life in the military, the intense moments, the missions and ties it together with coming to Christ. So, so good!

Today is his book re-launch day and I invite you to check out his website and his book. Here's his website link.

His goal is to help Christian parents as they prepare their children for life in the secular world. But truly,  this book will help anyone searching for truth and give them the skills they need to stand firm in a world of apathy and disintegrating values and morals.

We highly recommend Jason Ladd and "One of the Few"!!


Jason B. Ladd said...

thanks for the review, Sean!