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Precious Scars....

How can any scar be precious? Scars reveal that we endured pain, that life was hard.
In Japan, they have the most beautiful art form. It's called Kintsugi and it actually translates as "Golden Repair."
I've become slightly obsessed with this. Let me explain...
Kintsugi is the Japanese Art that teaches that broken objects are not something to hide but instead, to display so everyone can see.
So I'm sure I'm not the only one that has a pitcher with a super glued handle, tea cups that have been broken at the hands of little children, again and again. Yes, they have been put back together in one piece but I certainly would not pull these items out when company visits. Instead, I'd pull out the dishes that are chips, no super glued pieces, no hairline cracks from age.  Kind of like how I live life, how about you?
Track with me here....are you afraid of others seeing the "Real" you? You know, that side of you that gets angered easily, has no…