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Mini Me

I can't get over how much we look alike in this picture!   The smile....the eyes... Precious!


In certain areas of South Africa, the Zulu people greet each other with "Sawubona." Unlike our traditional shallow greeting of  "hello" this word means "I see you.
It means I see the real you.  The person God created you to be.  It's an affirmation that you do indeed exist and that we are equal to one another.  It means I respect you and do not judge you or have preconceived ideas about you.  It means I understand you.
Wow! How powerful is that?! 
Life giving. Affirmation of your worth. Encouraging. Hopeful. Freeing.
To answer this greeting you would say "Ngikhona" and this means "I am here to be seen."
Honestly, that's what we all really yearn be be be be loved completely.
So in saying "Ngikhona" you are saying "I am fully present with you. I am willing to be transparent with you. No masks. This is the real me. I will speak truth."
Doesn't this sound lik…