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My Book

     Ten year old Kamola's parents are both dead, leaving her to fend for herself on the dangerous streets of Calcutta, India. One afternoon, Kamola, weak from hunger and heat, passes out in the middle of the street. Nearby, Pastor Joe, who runs the Hands of God Orphanage, watches as passerby simply ignore her or step over her without a backward glance. He gathers the emaciated Kamola into his arms and takes her to the orphanage. There she gains back her strength and her trust in humanity.
     One evening, Pastor Joe and Kamola are on their way home from the market when a group of men emerges from the darkness. The men beat Pastor Joe and kidnap Kamola. The next morning, Kamola awakens to find she has been abducted by a man named Ram, a sex trafficker. The abuse Kamola suffers at the hands of Ram and his customers strips her of her newfound faith in God and her will to live. She is living a nightmare and feels alone in the world.
     But Pastor Joe has not given up hope of finding his beloved Kamola. He tells the orphanage nannies to keep an eye out for her in the market and prays for her daily. Weeks after her abduction, he spots her being forced into a black car. Heart racing, he follows it. When they arrive at their destination, Pastor Joe's love for Kamola is put to the test.

Will the ransomed Kamola escape Ram alive?


 January 13, 2013:   The Next Book...
I am excited to share that I've begun the second installment in my "Ransomed Series".  Several months back I had outlined for this newest book but then got sidetracked and threw the outline/ideas away. So when I felt God gently leading me to begin again I couldn't get a good working plot and became discouraged and beyond frustrated. It just wasn't working. I knew I was to write but wasn't able to be excited about any of my ideas and then my amazing husband came to the rescue! He remembered the previous outline and ideas and when he told me them I was so excited. It's a good story and I'm ready to share it. :) So....I am working on it and would sincerely appreciate your prayers that the words I write would be just the words someone needs to read..... That God would use my pithy words to turn someone's heart back to Him....That the words would open eyes to the life of orphans around the world and what we can do, everyone of us, to help.

As I was sharing my thoughts with Zachary and Ericka they wonderfully gave input and ideas that will definitely make the book more interesting. (Picture me rubbing my hands together in happy anticipation  LOL!)  Twists and turns, intrigue and always God's Redeeming Love!!