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About Me...

Hello! Welcome to my little piece of the blog-o-sphere! This is where I journal my daily life, the good, the bad and the ugly. I pray that in all that I do that I shine brightly for the One who has saved me from certain death....Christ Jesus!

Although my life is not perfect (HA!) it is beautiful. God has blessed me beyond measure!! He has allowed me a wonderful, Godly man that leads our family with grace and love. Sean is also my very best friend in the whole world! We have been sharing life together since I was 15 years old (Boy, that was a LONG time ago! LOL!) We've been married almost 21 years and I couldn't imagine doing life without him beside me.  God has graciously chosen us to be the parents of 7 precious children. Two from my womb, Zachary and Ryan, and 5 from our hearts, Kyalynn, Connor, Gabriella, Nolan and Samuel. Are we done adopting yet? Honestly, only God knows. LOL!

I pray that my words on this blog may inspire, encourage, educate, motivate, support, cause laughter, tears, and always, without fail, point you to Christ!

Shining for Him....