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Friday, May 17, 2013


My favorite place on to my home of course! My wonderful man allowed me the opportunity to attend a Women of Joy conference in Myrtle Beach and then I spent 1 1/2 days enjoying the beach! I have never, ever been away from my little's more than 2 days so this was a big deal for me and for my precious husband! :) He did wonderfully even considering he had 1 with strep throat and another child pretty sick. I sooooooo needed some time away to refresh and refocus on this call of motherhood.

Nolan fixing his tractor. So cute!!

We put them to work early around here. LOL! Sammy T. "mowing" the grass.

Kyalynn, my Renaissance Woman in the making. LOL! 
She's reading the classics and singing hymns, two of her favorite things to do.

Gabriella full of life and joy!

Look you see Nolan climbing the tree? He sets my nerves on end when 
he attempts to scale the tree the whole way to the top! :)

Me and my peeps....
with my parents enjoying a picnic and hike in the sunshine

Connor pretending the bike is a motorcycle. 
We are down to 1 bike and it gets ridden hard
around here between 4 kids taking turns. :)