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Our Adoptions....


Our journey into adoption was not quick. In fact, I felt God lay on my heart that we would adopt a beautiful, Asian princess 5 years before Sean heard God's call!! Those years were difficult as Sean never wanted to even talk about adoption and told me again and again not to bring it up anymore. He did not believe he could love someone else's child like his own and so in his mind and heart there was no chance we would ever adopt. Enter God....!!!!

Suffice it to say, when God talked Sean listened and we began taking tentative steps forward in the process. After contacting a myriad of agencies and spending countless hours researching we settled on an agency up north and began all our paperwork. It was just before we mailed in our money that we received a letter in the mail from this company saying they wouldn't work with us because we homeschooled and we believed in spanking. We were shocked and devastated. It took us a bit to regroup and we then contacted another agency out west but after speaking with them on the phone they weren't willing to work with us because we didn't have all the necessary money for the whole adoption process sitting in a bank ready to be dispersed. It was quite a double-whammy for us and we prayed and talked about whether we should keep moving forward or if this was a sign from God we weren't to adopt now. Sean suggested I call "just one more" agency and if they couldn't help us then we would forget about adoption and move on with life. The next morning I went thru the phone book and found a local agency and called. The phone was answered quickly and I spent the next hour or more on the phone discussing our journey thus far and our concerns and fears. This wonderful woman offered to call Korea directly with our "financial picture" to make sure they would approve us before we took one step further! She called back within 30 minutes with the good news that yes they would approve us and looked forward to joining with us to bring home a beautiful child from their country. YAHOO!! Thus began our journey into this wonderful, scary, heart-pumping, heart stretching gift of adoption!!

I knew in my heart God had a little Asian princess for us as I had seen her in my mind for the last 5 years! After several months waiting we decided to be open to either gender in hopes that we would get a referral sooner.  That's when I somehow stumbled across the waiting child photolistings and I was done in. :(               
                                                   So many children just waiting.....
I began calling agencies about children on the photolisting that we were interested in learning more about. I honestly had no idea that these children were listed due to special needs of some sort. I was so naive! One of the agencies, AIAA, had lots of boys listed but only a couple of girls. I called and spoke with a woman but soon realized that the girls had  special needs and we were only open to a healthy child. Of course, those little faces and those Asian eyes penetrated my waking thoughts and soon I started begging asking Sean if we could just talk about it. About 2 days later I was so down at the wait. {I know it wasn't a major wait and most adoptions take waaaayyyy longer, but to me, it was a long wait!} That evening around 5:00 pm I received a phone call from our social worker. She said that she was sorry to bother me and she didn't feel we would be interested but......then she went on to explain that the agency that we would be placing through, AIAA, had called her and asked her if she thought we'd be intersted in a waiting child. Of course, our SW, knowing how adamant we had been from the beginning that we only wanted a healthy infant, said probably not. The agency lady persisted and said that for some reason she could not get our names out of her mind for this little girl! So our SW called and asked and I knew, I just knew, immediately, that was our girl! The SW wasn't so sure and when we met to discuss the special needs she wouldn't even show me a picture of her because she didn't want me to be taken by her without thinking of the consequences of her needs. She knew me so well! LOL! Her special need was minor hearing loss which was something we felt was doable for us. Long story short, we said yes and weeks later finally received one picture in the mail of our sweet, precious, beautiful Kyalynn. This blessing was the catalyst of us adopting again. She came home on March 4th, 2004 and transitioned so easily into our home and our hearts.  We eventually discovered that this sweet treasure is actually deaf in one ear and hard of hearing in the other and has autism. Not exactly what we expected but perfectly planned by the Creator and we couldn't be more grateful for this unique treasure of a girl!!!