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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Fear Like I've Never Known

My friends it has been quite a rough couple of days here. Between Thursday night at 6 PM and Friday morning at 8 AM Gabriella had 3 seizures. Right after Sean came home from work, Connor and I were playing ball in the house and I was carrying Gabriella on my hip. We were running and laughing and having fun. Zack carried her upstairs and we were talking to her and she threw up. After she threw up she was lethargic and not responding and her color was grayish. I held her the rest of the night until bedtime and she seemed fine. Then around 4 am I heard her making a choking noise and I thought she had thrown up again and was choking on it. It was dark and I didn't turn any lights on just ran in, picked her up and ran to the bathroom. Again, I didn't turn on the lights but was yelling her name over and over. My oldest son heard me and came running and screamed for Sean to come. I couldn't get her mouth open and she was not responding at all! I still thought she was choking. Her mouth was clamped shut and no matter how much we tried to pry it open or how much we were calling her name and trying to get her to respond she wouldn't. We could hear her grinding her teeth so hard I thought she was going to break them off. I was screaming and crying and finally she seemed to come to. That's when it hit me, maybe she just had a seizure. We talked about it and decided she now seemed fine and we would take her to the pediatrician in the morning. So, we laid on the couch until the sun came up. I was terrified! I prayed and cried and prayed some more. Sean left for work and I just prayed God would put it on his heart to come home and go with me to the pediatrician. Everyone else was still sleeping so I got up to call the Dr. and saw that bless his heart, Sean had come back home and was laying on the floor sleeping. I had just hung up the phone from making the appointment when Gabriella started screaming from the living room. We both ran in and there she was having a seizure. The worst one yet. I have never witnessed a seizure before, never wanted to, and absolutely never want to again! To see your precious daughter shaking, and all clenched up and there is nothing you can do. It was fear like I've never known. I want to say I was calm but I wasn't. Sean was. He is wonderful! I called 911 while Sean tried to help Gabriella. This was God's grace because what I didn't know or see was that Gabriella had stopped breathing and was turning blue. It was when the 911 operator asked me if she was still breathing and Sean said no that I lost it. She did start breathing again but it was very shallow and her color wasn't good. We live at the top of a mountain and on good days our driveway is scary but when it's snow covered it's precarious. Well, it's not completely snow covered but there was no way and ambulance was getting up here so our son, Zachary, drove our expolorer with chains down to the bottom of the drive and hauled the paramedics up to our home. Gabriella finally started crying and that's all she did for the next 40 minutes. I rode in the ambulance with her and she would not respond to me at all. They stopped and picked up 2 medics half way there and about 5 minutes after that the paramedic said for me to call her name and when I did she moved her eyes in the direction towards me but didn't look at me. He said that was a good sign. In the Emergency Room she was stuck, prodded, poked and x-rayed. She is such a brave little girl! I know these things were necessary but I also know they had to hurt...badly. They ended up admitting her to the hospital because she had 3 seizures in such close succession and they wanted to figure out why. Sean had left to go home because Zack had called to tell us that both Kyalynn and Connor were running high fevers.

Later that night, my brother and his wife came in to see us and brought Zack along. He is such an awesome kid! He was so concerned about Gabriella and me that he wanted to stay with us all night. I am so thankful he did because we took turns holding her and trying to calm her down. We didn't get much sleep but we did spend alot of time talking and praying. It does this mommy's heart good to know that my 16 year old adores his brothers and sisters! I wished I had brought my camera to take a picture of him holding Gabriella with her tubes in the wee hours of the morning, talking to her, comforting her, loving her. He didn't have to be there, he chose to be there. That says alot about him. Boy, do I love this guy!

Gabriella's temp kept spiking rapidly to 104 so we had to watch her closely and cool her down with compresses alot. The one test came back that she had influenza so our room became an isolation zone. They had to wear gowns and masks and couldn't take anything out of the room for fear of it spreading.

We are home, sweet home, now. It has to run it's course but we have to continue to give her Tylenol and Motrin every 3 hours so her temp doesn't spike. They said the influenza caused her seizures because of her temp going so high so fast. So we will have to watch that with her from now on.

God was there with us and He was the Sustainer and Healer. He blessed us with an incredible night nurse who just happened to have gone to school with me! Gabriella had to wear a board on her arm to hold the IV in and this nurse, unfortunately, felt Gabriella's right hook with that arm as she was trying to give her medication on more than one occasion! Zack said she was our guardian angel. I believe it!

My family left their jobs to come into the ER to see us and stayed for hours! My precious sister in law, Monica, has blessed us with meals and donuts! She also came and picked us up to bring us home so Sean wouldn't have to leave the other sick kids. Another sweet angel!

It was terrifying and I pray that it never, ever happens again! But, God was there and in all the yuck He gave me glimpses of His goodness too. Our whole family is fighting this virus now and we would surely appreciate your prayers for God's healing over us and quick restoration!


Wife to the Rockstar said...

Oh my goodness. I am so glad she is okay.

steffany said...

Heavenly Father,
I lift up Lisa's family Lord. I pray for your healing hands. I pray Lord that you give them strength and endurance. Lord, I thank you with all I have for bringing health to them,I thank you for Gabriella and Lord thank you for sweet Zach.

Brandi said...

Jehova Rapha,

Thank you for being our healer. Thank you for understanding our bodies. They frankly freak us out sometimes! Father continue to heal this whole family. Give them the rest needed to 100% recoup and not leave any lingering germs! Father as they recoup give them patience with one another, fun times together and relaxation.

steffany said...

How are you all?

Lisa said...

Thank you all so much! We are still dealing with fevers especially in our 3 littlest ones. I am s-l-o-w-l-y feeling a little more like myself each day which makes it easier to take care of everyone else :)

Stepping Out of the Boat said...

Oh Lisa, Bless your heart! I can't even imagine how you must have felt and how exhausted you must feel now after going through so much. I pray that you will be enveloped with His sweet presence and that you will be touched by His Healing Hand.

somebody said...