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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mountain Happenings...

Just a bit of an update on mountain life. Our yard is covered, and I mean covered, with leaves of every size, color and description. We had 2 leaf piles happening but it's been raining and raining and raining some more so they are pretty flattened now. 

Zachary, Sean and another employee will be starting the out-of-town job next week. :( Although I'm thankful for the work I just wish it was within driving distance. Sean will be working there 2-3 days a week and then will be back here working the local job the rest of the week. least it's not out of town all week and only home weekends for a year like Sean's last out of town job, but Zack will be gone all week. :(    Did I mention they've had snow up in that area already this year?! BRRRR!

Ryan continues to snap picture after picture and has even sold another print. (Thanks Monica!!)

In the last couple of weeks I've decided to stop our regularly scheduled homeschooling to focus on the immediate desire of my little's to read! Connor was reading on his own last year but still stumbled on words alot. He has really gained fluency this year and we all sit together as he reads us a book. We are participating in the Book-It Program which rewards them for the books they read. They love the instant gratification of putting a sticker on their charts and are counting down until they can have their own personal pan pizzas. They are almost there for this month!

Kyalynn is reading words really, really well and that's what we are focusing on right now. She has a huge stack of cards with words on them and she just blasts through them. My next step will be putting those words into sentences and having her read them and then have her start on easy books. However, today after listening to Connor read his book she went and picked out 3 books to "read" to me. Actually, she shocked me with how well she did. So maybe we'll skip that second step and just go right to books!

Gabriella wants to read desperately too but I am thinking it's just to keep up with the other two. She can't let them get ahead of her on something. :) She's learning her ABC's and as of today, she knows 13 of them! Woo-Hoo! You go, girl! She too wanted to read a book today and so I'd read it and then she'd copy me and when she was all done she said "I read it. I get another sticker!" LOL!

Nolan just likes to dump the word cards all over the floor and then roll in them. :) He's so cute! He mimics the sounds of the letters as Gabriella says them aloud. :) This boy is also learning the sounds animals make. He can say quite a few but the cutest ones he says are the turkey and the owl. His little gobble, gobble, gobble makes me laugh every time. :)

Gabi and I had a couple hours together yesterday as she had to have more bloodwork done. It was crazy busy at the place and I am so glad Ryan offered to watch the other 3 for me so I didn't have to worry about them with that wait. Her numbers have gone down from 12.3 and that is good but with it comes the Ms. G with the attitude. She cries, screams, yells, whines, tantrums (you get the picture) at the drop of a hat. Seriously, this girl can let it rip! It's such a tightrope to walk...when her numbers are high her attitude is wonderful and she is such a delight but it can mean serious kidney issues. When her numbers are lower it means the not-so-pretty side of this little girl but it also means the susceptibility of kidney issues declines. So...we'll see what the specialist says this week. Does the medicine go up or down? Hmmm....always a guessing game.

And last but not least, is a prayer request. Next week, Connor goes for an intense evaluation that we are praying will give us the answers we have been searching for these last 4+ years. We have been counting down the days to this appointment. It's our understanding that we will have the psychiatrists' diagnosis and recommendations at the end of the appointment. If you think of us, could you please pray that we will finally get the answers we need and that God will give Sean and I wisdom as we look to the future with this little one. Please also pray for Connor that he will be peaceful and feel God's arms around him.

I am thankful God knows the beginning and the end, that He loves us and that He is Faithful! I couldn't imagine living life without Him!


crispy said...

We have always loved the book it program. How neat to see they progress in their skills. You are doing a great job with those little ones.

Tina said...

Our kids did a book it program too (it was over the summer months) They both still love to read!! Will definitely keep you all in pray with your upcoming doctor appointment for Connor. GISG Love to all! I finally posted some info about the kidney walk and things on my blog.

Tereasa said...

Loved the update. I will pray for Connor. What day is his appointment?

somebody said...