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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Connor's Evaluation....

To all who prayed for Connor today, we thank you. We are still in the processing mode. Basically, in a nutshell, he was diagnosed with everything we've known he has. So in one sense it validated what we've felt all along but yet to be completely honest, it is also a bit disappointing as well. We've already been researching, studying, reading and implementing much of what's recommended for his "diagnosis" over the years without much success. So I guess I was hoping she would diagnosis something else we hadn't thought of and that would be the big lightbulb moment, you know?

But no.

So my emotions are a bit mixed at this point. The Dr. was very thorough and took her time to explain to us a bit more about the brain from a professional standpoint, which was very helpful.

Also, another great side benefit of all the questions/explanations is that we've also figured out some areas we need to dig deeper in, research more, for Gabriella. As I was researching these things on the web today I definitely had that lightbulb moment with some of her issues. Thank you Lord!

The Dr. couldn't give us much hope in Connor's future improvement but that's ok because we know Connor has a Great Physician who is in the MIRACLE business! We won't stop hoping, praying and believing that God will heal Connor in His time. I believe these are all steps....steps that are leading us to where He wants us to be, where He wants us to go. I'm praying not only for continued strength for this unknown journey but also for JOY. How I so desperately want to exude JOY no matter the circumstances. No matter how hard the day is, no matter who is screaming,  or how many times I've been on my face in the kitchen sobbing to my Father God. These years will not be wasted! God already knows how He will redeem these years of our lives. My God is a good God. I just know in my bones that He has BIG things planned for us on the other side of all of this and a certain little boy will be standing right beside of us testifying of God's miraculous touch in His life and His faithfulness!!


Dana said...

Thanks for the reminder in your last paragraph.
I was having one of those: this isnt what I imagined my family to look/act like moments yesterday and today, and reading your words helped me remember that God is using us to do something amazing for these kids and these years of stress and the giving up of my dreams for His dreams wont be wasted... it will have eternal impact on these kids and people they come in contact with!! And the same goes for you and your amazing kids!! :o)

His Hands His Feet Today said...

Praying Lisa!

Tereasa said...

Oh girl, I understand. Email and tell me all about it.

Tina said...

Praying for you all and especially for the children. They are so blessed to have you and Sean as their parents. That in itself is one of God's greatest miracles for each of the children. He will do what He sees is best in all circumstances. I will pray that you do see JOY in all the tasks you choose to do. I am doing a study right now through a world-wide bible study called BSF and it is the book of John. In the beginning chapters, Jesus states that he is not hungry for the food of this world, but He is soooo "lost" in doing the Father's work, that He receives His food through doing what God's will is. He has JOY throughout all the aspects of doing God's Will. I pray for myself to continue molding to this process of total Joy flowing because of His Will.

Love you! Anytime you need a virtual should or ear I'm here. You know how to get in contact with me. Prayers!!

somebody said...