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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Oh The Possibilities...

This video was emailed to me from a friend. The title was "Devotion" as it shows the love between a father and his son. As I watched it my heart was broken for all those that were afraid of the diagnosis the doctors gave them during their pregnancies. The diagnosis of defects, disabilities, hopelessness, that may have led them to terminate their high-risk pregnancies. Terminate lives that had so much potential!

 This boy, and his family, prove that EACH and EVERY one of us carry a priceless gift within us! Although, oftentimes, we dismiss the possibilities and potential of the disabled in mind, body or spirit, they have just as much to share and give to us. And honestly, we as a society, are better because of their gifts!!

This video just touches the deepest part of me and reminds me what a gift I've been given in my children....each of them. We've been blessed to see life from a totally different view than before.  When God called us to these special children He allowed us to taste a deeper version of life. One filled with struggles and pain, frustration and fear, but that has allowed us to "taste and see that the Lord is good", and also to experience the joy of seeing our children accomplish a task, their sense of pride when they can finally do something "all by themselves"! Life is more valuable not because of the things we have or do but just because of the sheer joy of living!


steffany said...

Crying from the depths of my soul.
I hope people take the time to watch this.