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Friday, January 8, 2010

So Bummed....:(

Remember these pictures of Zachary's sweet new ride? This was his dream vehicle. It had everything he
had always wanted in a Jeep!

Just look at his face! Priceless!

This is what his Jeep looks like now after his accident last week.

Jeeps are built tough and I think Zack's fared pretty well after being in a head-on collision with the other guy going at a pretty high rate of speed for the elements. But alas, the insurance agent told him yesterday that they are totalling it because the damage is too extensive to repair.

Zack is handling it incredibly well. Have I mentioned how button-bursting proud we are of this boy?! Anyhow, he is now trying to think through all his options and what his best plan of action is. We are bummed for him as well because he loved this Jeep! He washed and waxed it every.single.week. He took excellent care of it.

I know it is just a thing and we aren't really material minded around here but still.....

Last night we were talking and he reminded me of the correct perspective. He said, "Mom, yes I'm bummed but you know, it was only a thing. At least I'm alive and walking around, it could have been alot worse. I'll never find one to compare but at least I got to drive it for 6 months. Life goes on and you can't take it with you when you're gone anyway."

We are so thankful to God for sparing his life and also for the wonderful guy he is!!


-stephanie- said...

That is a bummer. But what a great guy! The result of great parents. :o)
Glad he's OK.