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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

So funny...

So we've decided to make Kyalynn Gluten-Free again. 
It's been quite a long while she hasn't been and it's been so good
but lately I'm seeing the behaviors and lack of words resurfacing so it's time to clean her system out again. :( 
Anyhow, I haven't gotten all my ducks in a row yet with gluten free bread, foods, etc. 
so this morning she asks for toast with jelly but I didn't have gf bread made yet 
so I told her no you can have a smoothie (that's my word for green juice with a bit of fruit thrown in!) instead. So she proceeds to say "no smoothie" "uh-ah" "no thank you" over and over and over again as I put it together. 
Then I sit her glass on the table and she says "no smoothie" 
"no breakfast" and clamps her lips shut. LOL! 
So I just put up my 3 fingers and count down silently (as she counts down out loud) 
and at 1 she puts the straw in her mouth
 the whole time shaking her head and letting her disgust plainly show. 
She starts sipping and I say "how is it?"
 and she looks at me with those beautiful Asian eyes
 and says emphatically, "it's yuck-mmm"LOL! 
She was so sure it was going to be yuck she had it on the tip
 of her tongue but then she switched it up to yummmm. :)
 Then she drank the rest of it in peaceful silence
 and later said "mommy that was GOOD!" 
Oh I just love this girl!!