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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Value of Life

Today a human life was cut short. A man that was the epitome of kindness left his earthly body and is now worshipping at his Master's feet. He will be sorely missed! He shared the bounty of his garden abundantly, laughed often and was always willing to lend a hand. When we were building our home he would come up to visit and by the time he left he was covered in sawdust, dirt and sweat because he was a server, a doer. He had a strong accent that we loved to hear. He had such a great sense of humor and loved his grandsons with abandon.

My feelings of loss are laced with anger too. Let me explain....On his birthday he had a anerusym and went into a coma. That was Sunday night. Last night (Tuesday) he was still in a coma but responding to "blink your eyes" and "move your hand". At one point he tried very hard to open his eyes. Things were looking up and everyone was encouraged. The drs. were pressuring his wife to "make a decision" about whether to keep him on the respirator or unplug him and continued to tell her he could be a vegetable when he wakes up. After last night we thought they would feel differently. Apparently not! His wife, bless her heart, had to make a decision no one should have to make. I received the call this afternoon that she pulled the plug. Of course, I can not judge her. That's not my place. We do not know what we would do until we are in those shoes. But.....this is where my anger lies......what right do we have to play God? Even if he were a vegetable does that mean his life is worthless? I know if you asked parents that have children that are severely handicapped and take alot of care, they would still tell you that their child brings them incredible joy! Worthless? No way! My bible says "we are fearfully and wonderfully made". God doesn't make mistakes, EVER! It's hard living in a society that desires perfection. It's especially difficult for me with 3 children, that bar a miracle from God, will never be perfect by society's standards. It's difficult because these are the ones that are overlooked and they have so much to give to us, to teach us. Is it easy? No, but what is in this life? Is it worth it? Oh, you bet! What has this to do with my uncle's life ending today? Just that he wasn't given a fighting chance. Two days is not long enough to make a good decision on his future. And if he would have pulled thru and was incapcitated does that mean he is no longer valuable? What is the value of human life these days?