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Friday, October 23, 2009

The Artistry of God....

Do you ever take the time to just soak in God's artistic creativity? I mean, really, look at the colors He uses on the, orange, yellow, green, deep purple, and browns. The myriad of animals, all different. How amazing is that?! Do you know that each zebra's stripe patterns are different from any other's? How about the different types of beaches all over the world. Some are sandy, others are rocky, some are a mixture of both. The colors and textures on each are so varied. God is a God who loves variety! His artistic abilities astound and amaze me. Whether I am looking into the night sky and watching the twinkling stars, the sunset, or just looking into the eyes of those I love, I see such creativity, such uniqueness. The differences in personalities, skin tones, eye colors, and giftings in my family alone are enough to take my breath away. He is such a Big God. He is such a good God. He is such an amazing artist!!
Psalm 104 speaks of the majesty of God. When I read this chapter I must echo the Psalmist words, "Praise the Lord, O my soul." I challenge you, in you haven't recently, to take a few moments today and just soak in God's goodness to us through his creation. Oh how He loves us!

Here are some pictures Ryan has taken that show the Artistry of God....