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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Harvest Party....

So we had our annual Harvest Party last weekend and although the weather did not want to cooperate we still had a great time. We moved all the festivities inside and things went as planned. My hubby is such a wonderful, understanding man that he even allowed me to bring the hay bale for the hay ride inside for pictures. The kids loved climbing, jumping and pulling the hay bale apart and I've learned how much fun it is to suck up hay with the vacuum cleaner. NOT! LOL! Oh well, all in the name of fun! :)

We played games: sack races, pin the smile on the pumpkin, eat the donut off the string, bobbing for apples, and pie eating contests. Then Sean loaded the hay bale on a blanket and pulled the kids all around the living room for a "hay ride". They thought that was the greatest.

Kyalynn and Connor hamming it up.

Nolan played all the games and even ate his whole pie during the pie eating contest!

We had a girls against the boys face painting contest.

To end the night we had pumpkin carving but in all actuality, Sean and I did all the carving, the kids just told us what they wanted and where. It was alot of fun and so worth the extra effort it takes. This weekend we attended a community day where Ericka works and the kids had their face painted, had pictures with Blue from Blue's Clues and Sponge Bob, painted a pumpkin, decorated cookies and got a goodie bag for the road! Another great day of fun!